Calling all Arters

I've been thinking of doing an TAY art forum where you guys and gals would send in art works to me. What I'm trying to do is the more artistic version of the weekly shop contest, but it would be bi-weekly. The twist is all art has to be made in *MS Paint, like my two lovely examples above. If you're up for it let me…

Oh, the irony

Not much to this post, but I am just now realizing the sweet, sweet irony of buying the special edition of the upcoming South Park game. For those who don't know the special edition of the game is called the Grand Wizard Edition. A Grand Wizard, by non joking terms, is a head leader of the KKK. As a black guy, I have…

It's Been a Good Day

While having some family time today, we went to McKay's (they sell used books, movies, CDs, and games). While there, I found an unopened copy of Daft Punks newest album (for about $2 cheap of regular cost) and Parasite Eve in pretty well condition. Now to become a shell of my former self for the next 10- 18 hours.

Underwhelming Achievements

After about 5 and a half months of Xbox Live connectivity problems I was finally able to get back online. Some of the games I start-up log me out for some reason(but that's another story). Any way, when i wasn't babysitting my nephew I was playing Halo 4. Monday to Thursday I went from level 5 to 32, and got two…


It's about time for me to get a new console. My Xbox is obviously close to death (either that or it has a bug. Some achievements don't show up, some games that I have played haven't saved to the hard drive, and it won't connect to the internet.